Warning light on your dashboard? Get booked in for car diagnostics check-up in West Bromwich

Bring your vehicle to our expert car diagnostics team in West Bromwich

Modern cars are forever evolving. As new technology is introduced into cars, new methods of repair and installation procedures are required to correctly rectify issues with the vehicle. PR Autos have the skills, knowledge and equipment required to provide comprehensive diagnostics for our customers in West Bromwich, tipton and surrounding areas.
Forever investing in the latest diagnostic technologies, you can always count on our expert team at PR Autos to diagnose your issue efficiently and cheaply.

The ECU and what it means

Most modern cars have a computer connection port, where a technician can plug a diagnostic computer into and read information from the vehicle’s ECU (Electronic Control Unit). If there is a fault with the vehicle, the ECU may display a warning light on the dashboard, the different lights indicate different fault areas, i.e. engine, brakes, and airbags.

Not every error directly affects the driving characteristics of the car. However, engine performance or the functionality of individual systems can be reduced if the error is severe. Sometimes the vehicle activates an emergency program to maintain its functionality. Contact our garage using our contact form to enquire about having a fault diagnosis carried out on your vehicle.

Mechanic diagnosing a vehicle using a computer - Car Diagnostics West Bromwich